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If you keep order, you can achieve more

If you keep order, you can achieve more

If you keep order, you can achieve more

Why is it important to keep order? Are we less efficient regarding to what we are doing, if we do not do it according to a certain order? Why is it better to work orderly? In this article, we will ponder about rituals and about the reason, why they are that important for learning in general and language acquisition in particular.

On the one hand, there are of course students who have decided to not keep order concerning the organization of the learning. On the other hand, there are also such students who keep order either out of habit or out of laziness. But the latter do it rather unconsciously. The fact that you choose a particular colour to underline, that you draw a sketch after you have read a text, that you sit at a particular desk while you are learning or that you choose the appropriate desk lamp for this purpose, is important for the learning process. Nevertheless, the aspects often do not get the attention they deserve. But “rituals” are important to organize the learning process and to ensure a certain constancy, if other things interrupt.

On the one hand, it is fundamental to choose the right place where we want to perform our “ritual”. That can be, for example, a library, our bedroom or a study room with all the objects which surround the place. It is important because we get used to this place. On the other hand, it is important that everyone ponders about the right moment for learning or exercising. It should be the most productive moment – in the morning, at noon, in the evening – and it should be chosen depending on the task which you want to do. For example, it may be better – I say “may be” because it depends on the personal preference – to repeat vocabulary in the morning because you are fitter at that time. Moreover, you can test the new vocabulary the whole day. But there are also students who prefer to do this while they are using public transports because, if they do this, they can make good use of that time.

It is about making clear our learning goal. It is important to know what we want to learn in order to be able to concentrate on that. A good learning ritual comprises an effective time management (so also regular breaks) and necessary elements as for example a dictionary or learning materials (pieces of paper, Biros, the books, etc.). Another important element is a glass of water or a cup of tea. During the learning process, it is also important to set oneself some partial goals: What do we want to manage today, when do I want to finish it? As far as that is concerned, it is essential that the goals are realizable. It can be frustrating and it can take you several valuable working days, if you set yourself impossible or rather unachievable goals.

This order is fundamental, especially if you learn with the help of the internet because you do not have to take a shower, to leave your house or to get dressed in order to proceed to a place where the lessons take place. So, you are on your own concerning the organization of the learning process. You have to arrange it just as you want. If you fail regarding this organization, the whole learning success can be endangered.

All of these aspects can decide whether you will be successful in learning or not. That is the reason why we will also attend to these topics in future and we will make our advices, opinions, experience and much more available to you!