Spanish-speaking countries

Spanish-speaking countries

Spanish-speaking countries are a true wealth for the world according to their cultural diversity, as well as their ethnic varieties.

Colonization and the famous explorers

Spanish is the most popular language in the world after English. It has even become the official language of 20 countries. First of all, Spain has become popular thanks to the discoveries of Christopher Columbus in the late fifteenth century. The discovery and conquest of the New World began with big names like Amerigo Vespucci, who gave his name to America, Hernan Cortes, who discovered South America with Mexico and Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Almagro as well, who discovered Peru. Finally, Juan Ponce de León conquered Puerto Rico. The entire continent was colonized very quickly, thanks to the technological progress of Spain, compared to an America, which was mainly inhabited by primitive tribes.


Spanish-speaking countries are lead by Spain, where it is nice to spend holidays with friends and/or family. This typically Mediterranean countries offers a variety of climate. Southern Spain is characterized by hot and dry climate, with Andalusia, while the climate of northern Spain is more temperate. Southern Spain is much more touristic, with its coasts, islands and beaches, but the whole Spain is full of surprises and treasures. Feel free to plan your trip with the vacation rentals of Casamundo. Then you can taste the local specialties including a good paella, the famous tapas or a glass of sangria.

South America

South America is pleasant to visit both for its cultural and old richness old as well as its many historical sites. Among the Hispanic countries of South America, we can name Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile and Bolivia. The climate is mild and pleasant. Cultural heritage is rich of varied civilizations like the Aztecs or the Incas. Enjoy the many unique culinary delights coming from each country. The vegetation is sparse and scrubby, by a relatively dry climate in some countries.

Central America

Among the countries of Central America, we can name the Hispanic ones : Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Dominican Republic. The climate is very mild and warm. There are many historical sites throughout the various settlements. The vegetation is lush and varied. Touristic activities abound, whether you are hiking,taking part of excursions or tours. Local specialties are to be discovered as well, without any moderation.